1. woodguy1975

    Oak Kitchen Installed!!!

    Well after 2 months of waiting for the builder to catch up with me the kitchen is finally complete. Some of you saw some of the components in my shop when you came over for the gathering back in October. Just a little late here, but not at my fault. :lol: :lol: The update is on the main hobby...
  2. Steve D

    Kitchen drawers

    Here are some shots of the drawers that I made over the Christmas week. There are 11 drawers of different sizes, all made out of 1/2" cherry with 1/4" bottoms. The drawers have through dovetails and will soon be covered with walnut fronts. I went with undermount slides to leave the DT's exposed...
  3. woodguy1975

    Some Inprogress Pics (Oak Kitchen)

    Well, I figured it is about time to share some pics of the kitchen I've been wrapping up. The upper cabinets are complete and already at the job site so I just have a few pics of the base cabinets to let you see my cabinet work. Master Bath Cabinet Base Cabinet No. 1 Drawer Detail -...
  4. DaveO

    My daughters new kitchen - pics

    Alright this may not work, I am not know for my computing skills, or my woodworking for that matter, but I try. My wife saw this in a catalog and asked me if I could make it for our daughter. Of course I said. Two weekends later this is waht I came up with. I had the catalog picture and overall...

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