1. jcz

    Hunting knife

    View image in gallery Here is a knife I made myself. Its is a damacus blade with african blackwood handle and mosaic pins. The pics dont show the true beauty of the knife. View image in gallery
  2. LeeNC

    Tool Hunting In Wilmington

    I am going to be in the downtown area of Wilmington NC this weekend for a triathlon and was wondering if anyone knew of any shops that carried old tools? I am going to be swimming for an Ironman relay team (2.4 miles) and it should only take me about and hour. My wife will be doing the whole ½...
  3. jimwill48

    Want to trade Woodworking tools for Hunting Items

    Not sure if this is the right spot or even allowed. If not I'm sure an Admin will let me know :rolf:. Anyway here goes. My brother has moved to Ky and has invited me up when Bird and rabbit season starts for some hunting. Since I have been unemployed and find myself short of funds to pickup a...
  4. Lab with Mallard

    Lab with Mallard

    Labrador Retriever returning to its master with with the quarry.Made from 1/8" Maple.Framed in non reflective glass.The frame is trimmed in a gun metal color which is speckled with rust color.

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