1. red

    Nebo Area Bush Hog Service needed

    Hey All, I was wondering if any member out in the Nebo area (Dysartsville to be exact) has a bush hog that I can hire (or knows of someone) to cut about a 1 ½ acre lot of briers and scrub brush. Very easy terrain to work on. An added plus would be a front bucket to backfill a bunch of test...
  2. woodArtz

    Hillsborough Hog Day

    Hey folks, if your looking for a nice fair and some good BBQ come out to Hillsborough Hog Day. It usually has some pretty good craft booths, if your looking for a gift for dad. If you do come out, wear those NCWW hats or shirts so we can find each other. I'll likely be there early... 'fore it...
  3. froglips

    Wanna hog off a lot? Microplane in drillpress....

    Wow. And Wow. I was over at Woodartz's shop helping with a project. We were doing some profile shaping of rough cut flat chair pieces. I saw this wicked evil looking device behind the drill press. "Bobby, is it ok if I try this?" He green lighted my scheme. It was unreal. It...
  4. newtonc

    brush hog

    Can anyone recommend where I might rent a walk behind Brush Hog around the Hillsborough area? Or anyone who has one,or equivalent, who is for hire? Thanks in advance.
  5. Eaglesc

    Wart Hog

    I have a customer who owns a jewlery store.LASt year she showed some of my casing pens to a relative who owns a buisness in the low countery.He is always looking for "diiferent" gifts to give to his buisness clients. I was given some wart hog tuks last year to make see if I could make pens out...

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