1. 1st coat of finish

    1st coat of finish

  2. Walnut Table

    Walnut Table

    Walnut table with mahogany, cherry and walnut veneers
  3. Compass Rose Tray

    Compass Rose Tray

    Compass Rose Tray
  4. nelsone

    Compass Rose Tray

    Finally finished my Dad's Christmas present for this year. Still have a few more to do, but they aren't this complicated! Let me know your thoughts! The tray is walnut, the oval is bubinga, the stringing is courtesy of Mr. Furjanic, and the rose is maple and ...(I still can't remember the name...
  5. nelsone

    Compass Rose (progress pics added)

    Thought I'd share the progress on my latest project. This is the panel for another serving tray. It is wetted down with some DNA for the pic. Panel is walnut, the oval is bubinga, and the rose is maple and :icon_scra I can't remember. I hope to put some stringing around the oval tonight (wish me...
  6. compass


  7. Larry Rose

    Compass Rose table finished

    It finally cooled off enough this weekend for me to finish this table that has taken so long. After several days of drying I'll knock the shine off with 0000 steel wool and wax. I don't know what caused the bottom shelf to show up in the pic as it did, glare I quess, but it doesn't really look...
  8. Larry Rose

    Compass rose table

    I just got the legs turned and the skirt cut out and started dry fitting. I need to do some more tweaking on the M&T joints and cut out the 2 1/2" banding for the top. This may take a while as my productivity goes way down in hot weather. Also, the origional that I'm tring to emulate has reeding...
  9. Larry Rose

    Compass Rose table

    After much wailing and gnashing of teeth,:BangHead: this is the start of my latest project a compass rose table. Since it's only got 6 points it's not exaxtly a rose, but that's what I'm calling it. There will be a 2 1/2" band around the rose and 6 legs. The woods are walnut, cherry and...
  10. Larry Rose

    Compass Rose Inlay

    Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial on laying out and inlaying a compass rose? I saw one somewhere on line not too long ago and now I can't find it. I would like to use it in my next project.

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