1. W

    Finishing a Maple and Walnut End Grain Chessboard

    So I have been working on a chessboard and need some advise for finishing. I have convinced myself to rub out my finish to a nice semi gloss. However, I need a path to get there. I have considered lacquer, but I am not experienced enough to speak to how I should prep the end grain prior to...
  2. rcflyer23

    Started a Chessboard Today

    So I decided to start a Chessboard today. I got some cutoffs from The Hardwood store in Gibsonville during the Shop Crawl and dad had some walnut that he let me have. I started milling it today. So far I have the wood milled and ready to be glued up, Now I just need to be brave enough to glue...
  3. American Chestnut and Walnut Chessboard

    American Chestnut and Walnut Chessboard

    The playing area of this chessboard is alternating pieces of Chestnut and Walnut. The frame around it is Chestnut joined at miters and decorated with inlayed strips of walnut. It is finished with a hand rubbed oil and varnish mixture.
  4. S

    Completed Chessboard !

    Walnut and Maple. Squares are 1.5in and 3/16ths thick. Laminated on stable MDF for flatness. Edged with Maple (with Mitered Splines , Walnut). Drawers are Q/s White Oak , dividers also. Velour lined . Thanks for looking
  5. Chessboard #2

    Chessboard #2

    Chessboard #2
  6. Chessboard #2

    Chessboard #2

    Chessboard #2
  7. Chessboard #2

    Chessboard #2

    Chessboard #2
  8. Walnut and Maple Chessboard

    Walnut and Maple Chessboard

    Walnut and Maple Chessboard Featuring splined miters, white oak drawers and dividers, and 4 coats of shellac. thank you!
  9. Chessboard


  10. Chessboard


  11. Chessboard


  12. Chessboard


    Dark Walnut and Maple chessboard with splined miters and white oak drawers and dividers. Finished with 4 coats of shellac. My own design. Thank you!
  13. C

    Chessboard -- Finally completed

    I finally got the handles attached this evening. I'm calling this one complete. Thanks to everyone that guided me through finishing this piece. I couldn't be happier with the lacquer over the shellac. Especially to Johh, who pointed out that if I didn't spray it, I would gunk up all of the...
  14. C

    Chessboard - WIP 4 ... all lacquered and flocked up...

    Well... I got about 6 coats of lacquer on the piece this weekend. I'm waiting a couple days for it to fully cure so I can rub it out with micromesh. This is my first go at lacquer. I chose a gloss, it still looks wet, I love it. I also used Suede-Tex flocking system to line the inner drawer...
  15. C

    Chessboard - WIP 3

    Got some shop time today. I finished up the drawer, made the compartments for the chessmen. I hit it with a thin coat of shellac to help show off the grain. All that's left to do is to put on several coats of lacquer and suede-tex the compartments. I don't think I did a half bad job on the...
  16. C

    Chessboard WIP - Part 2

    Well, I finally got some more time in the shop. Here are some recent pictures. More in my gallery Still have much sanding to do. Here is the top Side view Here is where the drawer will go to hold the pieces. Thanks for looking. All that's left to do is make the drawer and compartments...
  17. C

    Chessboard -- WIP

    Be forwarned! I work slowly, as that the weekends are when I really only get time to be in the shop, but here is a WIP for a chessboard I am making. I love to make chessboards. I have made about 5 of them, but this one is for me. I saw the plan in a back issue of woodsmith. I have lots of...
  18. C


    Well, I started this chessboard 5 years ago. Yes... 5. I orginally made 3, and well, the 3rd just kinda sat for a while. Well, I finished it last weekend. It is mahogany and maple. Thanks for looking.

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