1. CarvedTones

    Cathy - ? about your basket/bowls

    Oen of my boys was really taken by those and wants to try making some. :eusa_danc (yes, I like to get them involved). I dug through my stacks and found a pattern from Weekend Woodcrafts Jan 99 issue. But I just pulled out the pattern sheets and have lost the mag along the way. Anyway, the...
  2. Things I've been working on

    Things I've been working on

    Things I've been working on
  3. cskipper

    Cathy questions a thread title

    "Erniem is a god"??? I didn't moderate this because a Senior Moderator and another Moderator posted on the thread which I take as tacit acceptance of the title. I realize the poster is new, that he didn't use a capital G of god, and I don't think the poster meant that Ernie is an actual God...
  4. b4man

    Thoughts and prayers for Cathy Skipper

    It makes me sad to have to report that Cathy's Mom passed away today in Norman, OK. This was not expected however, she had been sick for some time. John and Cathy will be driving over today. Please join me in sending prayers and well wishes to them and her family. May her memory be a blessing...
  5. TracyP


    It is great to see you back, we have missed your input in the moderator forums as well as the other forums. Hope you are doing well.
  6. Hummingbird Melodies

    Hummingbird Melodies

    Hummingbird Melodies, unsure of designer, QS Sycamore
  7. Spectacled Owl

    Spectacled Owl

    Pattern by Jake Klipple. The owl itself is approximately 6.5" x 8.5"/ cut from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood.
  8. Top of clouds in Sailing Away in Walnut

    Top of clouds in Sailing Away in Walnut

    Cool streak in the top of the clouds in Sailing Away.
  9. Sailing Away in Walnut

    Sailing Away in Walnut

    Cut from Walnut. Pattern by Jacob Fowler.
  10. Sailing Away

    Sailing Away

    Cut from 1/8" Baltic Birch. Pattern by Jacob Fowler.
  11. Faith in Christ

    Faith in Christ

    Pattern by Jody Smith
  12. Falcon pattern modified by cskipper

    Falcon pattern modified by cskipper

    Falcon pattern modified by cskipper
  13. Celtic knot

    Celtic knot

    3/8" Walnut
  14. Celtic Trivet

    Celtic Trivet

    Designed by Cathy Skipper
  15. 3D Trivet

    3D Trivet

    Designed by John Skipper
  16. Rose Window Pattern

    Rose Window Pattern

    Pattern by Brad Needham. Made from 1/4" QS Sycamore
  17. Welcome


    Pattern by Sue Mey,.
  18. Attitude is Everything

    Attitude is Everything

    Pattern by Emmitt. 1/4" QS Sycamore
  19. Live,Laugh,Love


    3/8" Curly Maple. Pattern by Toni Burghout.
  20. Lucky Horse

    Lucky Horse

    Pattern by Roy Kin, Scott Kochendorfer & Bob Vallle. 1/4" Walnut with blackbacker board.

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