1. StarrettMic2


    No. 224 Set AA Starrett Micrometer. 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch standards.
  2. StarrettMic


    No. 224 Set AA Starrett Micrometer. 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch standards.
  3. merrill77

    General Tools 3" digital fractional caliper

    This review of the General Tools 1433 Fraction Plus Digital Fractional Caliper, Carbon Fiber, 3-Inch will be very short: Avoid this tool! I have a 6" analog fractional dial caliper that it a too big to fit comfortably in an apron pocket - so I am always misplacing it. I saw this at Lowes and...
  4. Bas

    6" digital caliper - ~$7.50

    Looks like the same model HF carries. With ground shipping comes to roughly $7.50. Linky:
  5. Sealeveler

    Mitutoyo Caliper at Tyler Tool.Code sale75. Tony
  6. CarvedTones

    Using a caliper as a height gauge

    This has come up a few times and I explained what I use but I am not sure it was clear so I figured I would snap a picture and explain... A couple of notes about the photo - The cracks on my caliper display are not from clamping it; it got smacked pretty good once and I was pleasantly...
  7. J

    Rockler Fractional Digital Caliper - $9.99

    Rockler is offering their factional digital 6" caliper (#20720) for $9.99, while supplies last. For free shipping enter code OD005. They also have apparently quit collecting NC sales tax, as none was added to my order. This caliper is plastic, similar to the HF one, FYI
  8. T

  9. S

    HF 6in Digital Caliper 11.99 w coupy

    I have this and just love. Use for measuring stock thickness, also has depth gauge.
  10. J

    Log Caliper - Doyle / International Rule

    Been wanting to build a wooden log caliper with international rule on one side and Doyle on the other. The caliper jaws would need to be about 3' long that way I could scale a 6' diameter standing tree. Would like board toot measurements for common log lengths (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20)...
  11. BumoutBob

    6" dial caliper

    For those of you who want a digital dial caliper here is one on sale for $20.
  12. Kdub

    Galbert Caliper "Turners Tape Measure"

    I had been reading Peter Galbert's blog about windsor chairs. There are a lot of good tips and general chairmaking information contained within. Just recently I stopped in to see what all was new and saw a new contraption for turning chair parts. Maybe there...
  13. L

    Need lesson in reading a Vernier caliper

    Well, I purchased a caliper this afternoon. It has inches and metric measurements. Can I assume that I will not have to concern myself with the metric? It seems easy enough to read but the window that I view the measurement through has lines that don't match the lines on the inches, they are...

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