1. NCTurner

    Article on cutting greenwood blanks
  2. NCTurner

    Paper Bag Drying Green Stock Article.

    I found this a very informative article so I thought I'd share it here. :occasion1
  3. thrt15nc

    6 inch dado blades article

    I thought I remember seeing in one of the recent woodworking mags a teaser about an article for 6 inch dado blades. It was either going to be in a future issue, or they were previewing them on their web site. Does anyone else remember seeing this? Popular Woodworking, Wood, American...
  4. Douglas Robinson

    Article about the Klingspor show

    With today's N&O paper there was a copy of "Living in Style" magazine. Starting on page 52 there is a three page article about the Klingspor show from April. Lots of pics. ut no mention of :no: Doug
  5. Terry

    Alan's Article in FWW

    Congrat's to Alan on his recent article in FWW. I did this with the laminate over 3/4" MDF. I am very pl;eased with this! I was able to get the laminate at Lowe's and it was chipped on the end and had a crack. I was able to get the sheet for $37.00 vs $48.00. Terry
  6. Terry

    Article in Woodworker's Journal

    For those of you who get wwj on page 19 is a tip by Joseph Scharle on T-Track Toilet Bolts. Congrats on the article Joe. Very good! Terry:icon_chee:eusa_clap
  7. K

    Woodsmith article on panel glue up

    Anybody read this yet? I found it interesting that the article recommended putting glue on only one edge of the board. When I first started trying to learn woodwoorking in the mid 90's one of the first things I learned was to place glue on both edges. Any thoughts or opinions, like no one...
  8. DavidF

    Article from UK news paper

    Gardeners warned off fixing the fence By Paul Stokes Last Updated: 3:15am BST 31/05/2007 People are being warned to delay mending their garden fences as the price of timber soars because of a supply shortage. The cost of a standard 6ft by 6ft panel is reported to have quadrupled...
  9. johnpipe108

    Interesting article with wood related content

    I recently joined an Uilleann pipe forum, and while perusing old posts came across one with a link to an article by Peter J. Bukalski entitled: "Oboe Making In The United States: A. Läubin, Inc." There's some interesting wood discussion, along with what it's like to run what is essentially a...
  10. woodguy1975

    Woodcraft Magazine Article (They did some Editing)

    They have an interesting featured article on the website from this months issue. You might find it interesting. :eusa_thin:eusa_thin Article John
  11. froglips

    A feel good wood article....

    I just got this in my inbox, its the weblog from Christopher Schwarz. So much of the news anymore seems to be bad. This just made my day! Jim p.s. Check out the bottom, more DVD's coming soon!!! --------- "Woodworking Magazine" - 1 new article Out of the Dark Ages It’s...
  12. chris99z71

    Article on Drying Green Wood with Alcohol

    I fixed the existing link to refer to the appropriate article.
  13. Matt

    Plane Article in FWW

    I just read a very interesting article in the latest FWW on handplanes (# 186, pg 96). It talks about blade angle, how to modify it, and applicability to various types of wood. For a handplane novice (like me) it was great information. However, Monty was probably a reference for the author...
  14. JimThomasson

    New tool brands: WORX, HEMI .. good article Interesting article on some new .... and old ... tool brands hitting the market.

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