1. D

    table saw accident

    Hey guys just felt after tonights activities that everyone needs to remeber that we need to continue to pay attetion to what we are doing. That being said my brother in law who is a cabinet builder and has operated a table saw everyday for the last 15 years got a little to comfortable tonight...
  2. jimwill48

    Tablesaw Accident

    Well today is the 1st time I really hurt myself in woodworking. Some how I managed to cut the whole ball of my left thumb off on the tablesaw. From 1st joint to tip and from nail side to nail side. Good news no bone damage. Was ripping a 1 1/2" square from a larger board when the I hit a hidden...
  3. Bas

    Chamfer accident - now how do I fix it?

    Don't you just love how a 5 second mistake can wipe out weeks of work? :BangHead: :BangHead: :BangHead: I'm building the "dancing clock" from some plans from Wood Magazine. The edges on the front of the body get a small chamfer (1/8"). Unfortunately, I also routed a chamfer on the face which I...
  4. Gotcha6

    Chain Saw accident

    A Charlotte news article stated that a well known physician in Shelby was killed while felling a tree over the weekend. I post this to remind our readers & members that, although he was obviously a very intelligent man, intelligence is no substitution for experience when it comes to these...
  5. Pop

    Un-expected table saw accident

    When I first started working onthe wood parts of my Model A Huckster, I had a bunch of old tools from my dad's shop. The table saw was an 9" small top unit with an external motor and stepped pulley system. It worked fine for most of the work I had started until I decided I needed a molding head...
  6. S

    Table saw accident - Hand update

    I have always taken pride in being overly cautious when using tools, but . . . . Yesterday I was ripping some pieces to make drawers for an entertainment center I am building. While cutting the last board (always seems to happen on the last board), a bug or something landed on my neck. Reflex...
  7. JohnW

    Table Saw Accident @ 125 MPH

    I had an odd accident using my table saw several weeks ago and hope posting this might save someone else. I'm "normally" very cautious when it comes to using my tools...but one laps in concentration almost cost me some fingers. After final glue up of a solid chess board (walnut & figured...
  8. MikeH

    Accident reports website

    This is a good source of accident reports to find out how other people were hurt with their tools. I found it a good way to make mental notes of things not to do.

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