Wow this drill bit surprised me


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Finishing a basement in my home and I had to do all the rough in electrical. Its 2800 sqft so there is a lot of holes to drill for running wire . I have a nice set of Irwin speed bores that were barely used but I would get 3/4 of the way through a 2x4 and it would no longer penetrate unless i backed it out and started again. This was inconvenient but doable and I pushed on. Then I was in Lowes picking up some supplies from the electrical section and I saw the greenlee quick change auger bit. Amazing difference. That thing pulled its way through every stud like it was drilling through butter. Even double plates were no issue. Every hole took seconds and I never had to back out to clear the bit. I thought the Irwin's were good but after trying this I will not go back.

If your ever tasked with running some cable do your self a favor and get this bit.


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yup a ship auger with an angle drill is the way to do. Easiest on you body.


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Well I have 2 angle drill both Milwuakee's and the angle drill was never the scare that old hole hawg...... that's another story that hole hawg could throw you when it jammed on something
Nowadays they sall have cluthces to prevent that.


Own a couple 1/2" 's, plus a "Hole Hog
especially with the old right angle Milwaukee drill
:D :D :D :)
Own both a right angle, and "Hole Hog." Used Hole Hog to pull a 4 1/2" Forstener type bit for 4" sewer pipe. It's not a drill for sissies. Use the right angle mostly for mixing hush puppy mix now. Super easy to do a 20# batch in a five gallon bucket. In working years used it to mix drywall mud, and drilling in tight spaces. Thankfully, those WERE the days.


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If you hit a nail, user beware. The but stops and the drill and your arm keep spinning. I know from experience
Chuck rewired our old 1 1/2 story house In Ohio. It had knob and tube with glass fuses. He used an electric drill with a side handle and an auger bit. Saved his arm.

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I used a right angle hole hawg to do my whole shop with self feeding auger bits from Bosch. Worked like a dream. Just make sure you have a death grip on the right angle drill with both hands.


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Thanks for the heads-up, Joe. I recently finished a handicapped ramp where I had to bore a bunch of 1/2" holes through 4x4 + 2x8, for the bolts. The Irwin did the job, but like you said, would load up, having to pull back and clear, and a soon as the nose auger went through the far side, would quit pulling, so it was just brute force to finish the hole. I will definitely look at the Greenlee if I ever have to do another one. The plus side of the Irwin was that I was able to drill all the holes with my cordless 18v NiCad Dewalt. It actually worked better than my corded drill.

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