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Pop Golden

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This has been going on since Christmas. Every time I think I have it settled it pops up again. I asked on my Christmas list for a block of chromium oxide & a slotted wheel. My wife ordered it. My grandson went to the Matthews store and bought the same thing. Woodcraft shipped the block and back ordered the wheel. On Christmas morning I got both presents with a note from my wife that the wheel was coming soon. Well I didn't need 2 of the same thing so I called Woodcraft a couple of days after Christmas and was told to ship the block back for a refund and the wheel would not be shipped. Afew days later the wheel showed up. I called again and was emailed a return label and my refund was on the way. I shipped the block and wheel back the next day. Several wheeks later no refund. Called again received refund on block. A few weeks went by and I called again. This time we came to the conclusion that the balance on the credit card charge is not going to be charged all merchandise was returned and we could call it even. All is well. Threw the paper work away and breathed a sigh of relief. Yesterday I ran my checking account and there it was THE BLASTED CHARGE TO THE CREDIT CARD. I think I'm going to sit down and cry. :tinysmile_cry_t:

Pop Golden



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Pop,don't cry, just call your credit card, dispute the charge and report the vendor - it WILL stop then!
Oh, and it is a good idea to follow-up, call the store and tell them that the next call is to the better business bureau...


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How do you spell bureacracy (??). It is VERY frustrating when you have to chase details like that. I empathize. :no:


Here is my tale of woe with Woodcraft mail order.

1. On Cyber Monday, November 28, I ordered four (4) Jet 31" Parallel clamps for $128.06. Instead of printing my order per their suggestion, I make a screen shot of the order. I was assured that I would receive an email confirmation for the order.

2. After waiting a couple of days and not receiving an email confirmation, I checked on their website and checked my order history. I received this message, "Please check back at a later time for the history on your most recent order."

3. On December 10, I emailed Woodcraft with an inquiry regarding my order, and included the screen shot of the order.

4. On December 11, I received an email from Woodcraft which stated that, "Unfortunately, these were sold out at the time of order. We ordered more, but they aren’t expected in our warehouse until the beginning of February."

5. I waited a few weeks, and then I noticed on my VISA credit card a pending bill for Woodcraft for $126.00. Since I had not order anything from Woodcraft since the clamps, I assumed that the clamps were on their way.
A few days later, the charge was removed from my credit card.

6. On February 23, I received two boxes from Woodcraft: the first box contained a single clamp instead of three that was on contents list; while the second box contained one clamp. Now I have two instead of four clamps.

7. On February 23, I emailed Woodcraft with my concern that I had received two instead of four clamps. I did not get a response to this email.

8. On February 26, I received a confirmation email from Woodcraft thanking me for my order. This email was only three months late.

9. On February 27, I received an email from Woodcraft stating that they had shipped four Jet clamps.

10. On February 27, my VISA bill, Woodcraft charged my card for $126.00.

10. Today is March 3, and I have not received any clamps from Woodcraft, and the charge on my credit card has been removed again.

I am interested to see if I get any clamps, two clamps or four clamps. At this point in time, I am not sure what to expect, but to say that I am disappointed is an understatement. Wish me luck.
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