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I too want to learn SU - but struggle getting anywhere. Unlike Hank, I have no experience to 'draw on' though (pun intended).
I am thinking it is a detriment that I know other drawing packages, because I am looking for the "XX" tool and not sure how you do "that" in SU...
I just need to apply myself and devote the time time to learning it...

My new excuse is that my laptop does not have a CD player... and that is the media I have the training on...


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I am thinking it is a detriment that I know other drawing packages, because I am looking for the "XX" tool and not sure how you do "that" in SU...
Agree. I struggled with DeltaCad concepts coming from a drafting board. Once I grasped the “point” concept things became easier. As steep as that learning curve was, I would never try to learn a second CAD program. I took a SketchUp class but didn’t practice and those skills rotted quickly. Again, the basic SU concepts are so different from CAD. Drawing a side and pulling it to make a solid was really foreign to me.


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The Mozart effect guy ? kinda. Just know the name and its association. Playing classical music is much like being a carpenter, you are have skill but part of a team. One observation I found striking, how many symphony players were great at their instrument but knew so little about the actual music and how it was constructed (composed).
You find the exact thing in the trades, people with great hand and eye skill but really cannot interpret a plan or visualize what they are building.

To the Mozart effect, I never was a big believer in it except to this one point: what I have found is, if you exposed kids early to certain kinds of classical music it helps them develop a deeper level of concentration. Turning that into actual improved IQ is unprovable. Kids in general, will easily perform contrapuntal music (like row, row, row your boat) verses close harmony (4 part choral) style. Because counterpoint music has a strong linear nature to it (and mathmatical) for most kids this developments comes early so it is easy for them to connect with. More complex music requires a bigger sense of music discipline, that like a trade, for 99% of us only comes with time and practice.

since you played classical music, were you familiar at all with a pianist from Boulder Colorado by the name of Don Campbell?


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I am blessed to have a brother-in-law that loves to research families. So he has recently documented his years of research into the Wells family - my Grandmothers side. And Gene when you were here July of 2019, this info was not available.

So as Paul Harvey said many times, here is the rest of the story.

On my way up to Wellsboro I will stop by Wellsville, another town in the Wells family. It was Abraham Wells that named the town when he moved the Wells Whip factory there - sort of like Hershey PA. There seem to be Wells all over PA.

The family research on the Wells, my grandmother, dates clear back to good old Ragemer, born in 1037 and who served as a knight in the court of William the Conqueror. His grandson Robert lived in Wells so they called him Robert of Wells. My fathers name is Robert Wells Soper.

If I did my count correctly, Knight Ragemer was my 26th great grandfather
I can't say as I have ever known anyone by that surname, but I have visited the Wells Family Cemetery near Eliot, SC (think of a suburb of Bishopville, if you can.) Any possible connection?
Started researching my family tree some years ago. Acquired some 12K names with overlapping relationships of people marrying cousins, etc. My Dad warned me when I started that I might find out more than I wanted to know. That can sometimes be the case.

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