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I have a banded pack of 57 boards of 12.0" and wider Appalachian red oak (Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain timber basin). The boards are 7 & 8' in length and are actually a higher grade than standard FAS/1F lumber at these board were graded against a specification that required a minimum 6.5' of clear wood on at least one face on each board so the majority of the boards are free of defects. The pack contains 12 boards that are 7' and 45 boards that are 8' in length. The widths range from 12.0" to 20" with 43 pieces in the 12.0" to 14.5" width group. This lumber was band sawn, end sealed, kiln dried to 6 - 8% and end painted. The boards are very flat and are currently stored in a warehouse in Fairfield, VA (10 miles from Lexington, VA). Fork lift loading is available. The price for the 512 board feet pack is $2,000 ($3.90/bd. ft.). I would prefer to sell the entire pack as a single sale but if unsold after a couple of weeks I will consider breaking the pack and selling off smaller units at $4.00 - $4.75/bd. ft. (depending upon width). PM or email hdwoodhill@gmail.com. Feel free to post any interest in less than a full pack.

Note: I failed to mention that the boards are 4/4 thickness. I'll try to attach a photo of the package (bottom pack in photo).

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