Which woodworking job do you hate most?


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I use to hate that also, but got a Bosch RO which in aggressive mode removes material so fast, it makes short work of sanding. I use 150 grit throughout, start in aggressive mode and then switch it to fine mode, which finishes fine for a clear coat. Also great for flattening table tops in no time. I have the one in the video, which is now obsolete and dread the day it may die, as the new model looks a bit weird.

After using this, I threw all my other RO’s away.

In aggressive mode, one has to hold on.

same as a rotex I guess?


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Painting because it is such a sedentary job - with one exception. When I built my dry kiln, I needed an impervious coating to prevent moisture transmission through the walls as lumber dries. So, I suited up with a gas mask and poured aluminum roofing paint on the floor and rolled it up the walls and ceiling coating everything. When I tell friends of this, they have never asked me to help them paint. YES! success on two fronts.

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