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I must have had the board this came from for over 15 years. I found it in the barn. The end of the board had cherry written on it. If it is cherry I have never seen any like this before and I have used a lot of cherry from many sources over the years. It is easy to work with and sands and finishes great.

This is the last piece. This has been sanded and does not have any finish on it. IMG_0001.JPG


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If it is cherry, and I can't be sure, it looks a lot like some quarter-sawn cherry I have used in the past.

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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Its impossible to tell what it is from that blurry photo. It could easily be red gum or something similar. It could be cherry grown in an area that resulted in specific properties of that piece. I used to run across things like that all the time back in the day when I'd buy a batch of "grandaddy's barn" wood.
If it finishes like cherry then use it like cherry.
Who'll know?


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turn it over and take some rubbing alcohol and get it wet. That will tell you alot. If it gets veins it is Sapele. If it goes down the real darkish red it will likely be Mahogany over Cherry.
To me the grain looks like a Mahogany type grain.

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