Videos of use of Corner brace and Hand Drills

Richo B

New User
Here is a video that I did for my Instagram followers who were curious about the use of the corner brace that I bought in the Banner Elk area last week. I first use a standard brace and then the corner brace. Though you can't see it, I'm screwing in a wood screw through a pre-drilled hole.
The second video shows me using two different hand drills on the same wood screw. One is a Miller's Falls and the other a Yankee 1545 which I call "the Beast". This latter one is one of those fancy ones with multiple drilling options like right turn no matter which direction the wheel is turning, and two different speeds. This tool along with the corner brace are my favorite tools.
Again both videos are for both a general woodworking and non-woodworking audience. I don't get into all the functions of the tools as there are some YouTube videos that do a much better job. Mine are not meant to be technical or how to use the tools. These are only two of three videos that I've EVER done for social media other than the ones I've done at work (where someone else was doing the filming). Enjoy.


Senior User
Corner Brace is a "must have." I prefer a Stanley "yankee" screwdriver as opposed to using a hand drill as a screwdriver.

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