Veneer Blowout-Help me please I'm buried in veneer

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Hello Fellow NCWW members,

You may or may not have seen the recent post by Jazzflute (Kevin) trying to get together a group of NCWW's interested in participating in a IRS auction for veneer. Three members ending up participating, myself, Kevin, and Jeremy (Ronj103).
Kevin was kind enough to pick all of our lots up (in Lexington, KY!) and deliver earlier this week, BIG THANKS TO KEVIN FOR HIS EFFORTS. :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap

After spending 2 days sifting through veneer I've finally managed to claim my shop back, BUT, I have wayyy more veneer than I really expected to get. It's kind of like eating to much, yes that 2nd piece of cake looks fantastic and tasted wonderful, let's have another. For me I thought, yes, I can fit 4500 sq/ft of veneer in my shop, why not! Much like the cake it just doesn't work, I'm stuffed with veneer. I ended up with 4500 sq/ft of veneer and that ends up being an awful lot.

So.... Now to the good part! I'm blowing out veneer at super- well below market value and I thought I'd give my fellow NCWW's 1st dibbs and a special price. I paid a ridiculously low price for this stuff, and am going to pass along most of the savings for those folks interested. (I added in my delivery costs and sifting and cataloging time)

Veneer details . This is all bundled or Flitch cut RAW veneer and was most likely bought originally from Danzer Veneer. It is all (unless noted) just Fantastic stuff. Unless noted entire lot pricing will be .40 a square ft (I know - I know that's 40 cents) If your not interested in an entire lot (and why not at this price) I will sell individual sheets (they are all sequence cut unless noted) and we can determine a fair price depending on the quantity you want to buy ( I'm thinking .50 a square foot for 20 sheets or less) Quantity discounts are available!

To all those folks interested in purchasing : I would be more than happy to do a 30 minute demo on working with veneer (flattening, cutting, gluing, and pressing) So if your new to it or just want to try in out-nows your chance!

So here's the list ( I have a special photo gallery titled "veneers" where all of these are located)

Quarter Cut Steamed European Beech (881 sq ft total) each lot has between 31 and 32 sequenced sheets

Lot 1 7" w x 116" L (180 sq/ft)
Lot 2 8.5" w x 116 L (210 sq/ft)
Lot 4 5.5" w x 116 L (137 sq/ft)
Lot 6 7" w x 116L (180 sq/ft)
Lot 7 6.75" w x 116L (174 sq/ft)

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Quarter Cut Cherry 3 Lots (each lot is sequence cut with between 23 and 24 sheets)

Lots 1, 2, and 3 6.5 " w x 96"l (104 sq/ft)

LOT 1 - SOLD (cyclopentadiene)

LOT 2 - Sold (Phil s)

LOT 3- SOLD (Bobby G)

View image in gallery

View image in gallery

Flitch Cut Cherry Lot 5 (sequence cut 26 sheets)

10"w x 132 L (238 sq/ft total)

Flitch Cut Wierdo Cherry Lot 6 (sequence of 38 sheets)

5" w (at narrowest point) x 96" L (126 sq/ft total)

Flitch Maple Lot (sequence of 45 sheets)

10"w x 120"L (375 sq/ft total)

2 White Ash Lots (sequence of 23-25 sheets)

Lot 1 14" W x 120" L (292 sq/ft)
Lot 2 13" W x 120" L (249 sq/ft)

2 lots of Hickory ? ( sequenced)

Lot 1 9.5 " w x 120" l (189 sq/ft) 24 sheets

Lot 2 11"w x 120"l (109 sq/ft) 12 sheets

And Finally 1 Cheapo lot for $10 bucks (Mottle Sapele 20 sq/ft) non-sequenced- SOLD (cyclopentadiene)

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Jeremy Scuteri

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Great job cutting, sorting and organizing the veneer. I am still agonizing over how to store mine. Did you just cut the seams of the sheets and keep everything full length? I have been debating cutting 4x8 sheets into 2x4 sheets for storage.


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Jeremy- Thanks-it was a lot of work to get these ready to put away. Your correct, I just cut the 4 X 8 sheets at the veneer seams. Took awhile but the seams on the Mottled Sapele were pretty bad anyway. In your birdseye you've got some incredible stuff. Depending on your expected use I might actually cut a bit up into the individual veneer sheets (just make sure to keep them sequenced) As far as the 2 X 8 sheets. If you'll use that size go for it, it's a lot easier t store then the 4 x 8
Because you got that lot of plywood I would sandwich everything your going to keep in 4X8 form between your two heaviest sheets to help keep them flat. I ripped a piece of mdf in 1/2 to get my flat surface but my stack is too tall to put anything on top. Maybe after I sell some more I'll make a box (that's how they store it a Herzog Veneer ( 3-4 inch thick by 8-12 foot long boxes)

Good luck!


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Update #1 - Looks like the quartersawn cherry was popular and all 3 lots are now sold. Yeah!

Also, it looks like I may be making a delivery at this years picnic if that helps to sway your decision

Still have plenty of the Steamed Quartered Euro Beech and this stuff is just awesome in appearance and workability. Most people don't know of or haven't worked with the stuff but it is just incredible mostly defect free lumber, and the veneer is perfect. I used it for this marquetry table:

Also, Flitch Cherry lot #5 is available for splitting (as are all the lots) if anyone is inhibited by 238 sq/ft.

And I didn't mention before but the Flitch Maple Lot is extra thick (0.022") as opposed to the normal (0.02") and when I measured I only recorded the width at the shortest section. So it's listed as 10"w x 120" long, but like a tree it tapers from the bottom up so it starts at 14-16" wide and tapers over 120" to 10"w.

Thanks to all those who've showed interest so far!


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OK, no more whining about where to store this stuff, at least until you have as much of it as I have to store...


Even after off-loading all of your purchases, my truck still looks just as full as it was when we loaded up in Tennessee!

Thanks to Mike and Jeremy for helping me with the awkward shifted loads, and for participating. We all got some terrific stuff, and at some point in the future, when I can dig out from under both this new veneer, AND the 10,000+ sq. ft. I still have from the previous veneer auction I participated in (!!!), the members of this fine organization will likely have a crack at some similarly priced veneer that I will need to part with. Anyone need 4,000 sq. ft. of sequenced crotch mahogany? You know, to cover your driveway or something similar...



dang, I should have checked this thread sooner, I'd have grabbed that sapele in a heartbeat - I'm a sucker for anything figured and cheap ;). I'd looked at that auction (if its the one from irsauctions recently) and just barely managed to talk myself out of bidding on a bunch.

bobby g

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Fellow woodworkers and potential veneer buyers,

I'm going to pick up my veneer, and the veneer for Phil S, this Thursday. I'll be glad to bring yours back to Pittsboro if any of you need the PE.

bobby g
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