Valentines Day sale ideas

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My schools (East Carolina University) art department is having a Valentines day sale coming up. The wood design department is encouraged to have things in there as our department is sort of on the chopping block to get desolved into sculpture :gar-Cr So any ideas of some small things I could whip up to sell in the 20 dollar or so range? I was thinking little miter boxes maybe with decorative splines, or turning some bangles or something. Any Suggestions? :dontknow: :kermit:

Joe Scharle

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I'm thinking quick, so;

Sliding top boxes
Weed pots

Other respondents can 'quote' and add to the list if they like.


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Not sure this would be the direction you want to go....... I made about 60 of them for wife, daughters, Daughter in law and sister.
They are about 1/4 to 5/16 thick made from some cherry that wasn't going to be part of any larger project. Finished with BLO tinted with a bit of shaved red crayola (kind of surprised me that it worked) then inserted small bailing wire for a hook to hang them on twine as a garland or???


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I'm really new to turning, but I turned a few of these for the wife. It's laminated Australian Cypress and Aspen. Didn't take long to turn. If you sold 3 or 4 as a set you might be able to get $20.


Roy G

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Plenty of things to turn-pens, pepper mills, hand mirrors, small boxes, small bowls, etc.

You could carve some spoons, make a trivet, chopping blocks, spurtles, rolling pins.

Make some stools, clocks.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things you could make inexpensively.

Roy G
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