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The “speaker of the house” bought some wallpaper for our powder room and when I started on the project today I noticed the paper was unpasted. Recent papering jobs were with pre-pasted paper and I brushed on the special paste for PP paper, booked, etc.

These wallpaper instructions noted this was a heavy-duty paper and said:
”Use only a clear, non-staining, heavyweight premixed adhesive.”

Given that, the installer has the option of ”Paste the wall” or “Paste the product”. A trip to the paint store for this paste and I opted to paste the wall.

This “paste the wall” method is by far the best that I have ever used and will be my “go to” if I ever get sentenced to wallpapering again.
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Man with many vises
This wallpaper has a dizzying pattern with a 25.25” repeat and after wasting some paper with miscuts , I figured out a foolproof way to figure out the crosscuts (probably an ”everybody knows that” for a real paper hanger).

Take a full- width scrap like this:

On the wall where the next strip will go, line up the scrap with where it matches up with the previous strip. Measure from the top of the scrap to the top of the wall and note distance on scrap. Repeat for the bottom distance.

Take the scrap back to the cutting table and line up the scrap pattern with the wallpaper. Transfer the measurements you made to the wallpaper and make your cross cuts. More or less foolproof, methinks.

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