Tulip Sideboard Week 2

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Here's the progress for week 2

Finished all the joinery for the front frame (4 different types of joints - Mortise and tenon, half laps, tongue and groove, and dovetail)

At this point I was going to start the frame and panel for the back but realized I needed a little more cherry than I had on hand so I purchased a bit more and rough surfaced it for further prep and construction for next Tues. In the meantime I went ahead and finished putting the solid wood edging on the baltic birch plywood for the sides and doors.

This is how I flushed the edging to the baltic birch once glued on a little oversize:

and then the doors ready for the next stage (veneer application)

I also made a trip up to Rick up at the Woodworking Source to get his help in jointing and planning my single board top (this board was a 4/4 beast at 17" wide x 10ft long originally - for this project top I'm using about 5 ft of it) This is Rick taking a few passes on his 16" Jointer (we maxed out the width and Rick was loving the resistance of 16" of cherry over the byrd head - evening complaining the 4" dust pipe might not be enough for all those chips)

and this is what she looks like after planing to a little over 13/16th's

Thanks to Rick again - my shop is limited to width's in the 13" range so it's nice to have a local source for big iron!

That's all for this week-looks like next week will be frame and panel work on the back, starting the veneer work on the sides, and maybe some other carcass joinery in the legs for the sides and back...stay tuned


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Mike, I thought segmented turning could be complicated, but you lost me of the joinery. Coming along very well. Can't wait to see it finished.

Bill Clemmons

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A lot of nice tight joints, Mike. They'll all pay off in the long run w/ a very well made, sturdy piece. And Rick may have been complaining, but you know he was in heaven. :)

Thanks for posting the updates. I'm already looking forward to next weeks.
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