To Ayden and back.


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Got a chance to run down to Ayden to @Chris C shop. I've been enjoying the ins and outs while he makes his backsaws. We cut an XL handle last time I was down there but didn't have time to get it fit this time so I came home with another. I have had one of the early prototypes for a few months and have enjoyed it.
But today I brought home the next iteration which looks beautiful and I'm excited to put it to work!
Additionally got some help with some fussy wood for a project, get a plane iron brought back to manageable (stanley 5 1/2), diagnosed another adjustment issue on a different plane (sargent 410,) and got some parts to put put on a block plane I have had (stanley 220.)

Got plenty of BS in like everytime I go down there! Haha good trip as always. 10/10 recommend the saw if you can con him into selling you one haha.


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Chris C

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I had a great time. It's always nice to have friends visit the shop. It's always open for anyone who's interested...

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