That's not a Jointer....


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Found this trolling on Facebook: TWENTY FOUR INCH JOINTER!!!!
"Fully functional 24" jointer, although needs motor. All pieces of fence included. light surface rust on jointer tables."
(Fully functional, but it needs a motor! LOL)

I posted some pictures for those who don't do facebook, so you could still enjoy!



$2,500 for a jointer with no motor, makes perfect sense! It is also clearly "light" rust when the entire surface is completely rusted. Just wow. Cool machine though.

Robert LaPlaca

Wow that’s a Oliver 166 ED, very cool, the beast probably weights in at +2500 lbs. 24” jointers were common with casket builders, would love to own it, but have no space for that beast.


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I wonder what size motor would have come on it. Probably needs quite a lot of HP to joint a 24" wide board!

Phillip Mitchell

I have an Oliver 166 BD (12”) and wouldn’t let it go for anything...except maybe a wider 166 ;) Mine is the same as this one, just half as wide and a bit older.

Missing the motor is a bit of an obstacle as most of these were direct drive motors that aren’t as simple to find and replace as belt drive motors, though I have seen a few 166’s with belt drive motors.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the surface rust on the tables as it would likely clean up ok, but the cutterhead bearings may need to be pulled and replaced if it’s sat outside for too long, which is getting into some work and a bit of money. Though Oliver didn’t use as expensive bearings as some other manufacturers like Porter and Yates American.

It weighs around 2600# and the 24” of that era came with a 5 HP motor standard and had options for 7.5 or 10 HP

24” machines are rare, but the price is a bit optimistic without motor and having sat outside except to someone who knows exactly what it is and has the knowledge and skill to take it apart, clean it up, find the right replacement motor and probably replace bearings...which is a small but dedicated crowd.

Henry W

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I also don't see a fence... but then you likely don't need a 24" jointer for edge jointing - haha. If you have room for a 24" aircraft carrier you likely have room for several jointers, each dedicated to a specific task (none of this 'dual purpose machine' stuff!)

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