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Brian Patterson

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Hi all,
Found this fine forum and have signed up to get all the inspiration I can glean. Very active site and much to read and absorb, so looking forward to a productive give and take.
I live in the Knoxville area and have a garage-based shop with many tools on carts. Have made this a more serious effort in the last couple years. Making a wide variety of personal choices in projects - cutting boards, Shaker benches and clocks, miscellaneous furniture as needed or requested and just doing whatever I find of interest - no commercial aspirations, mostly work by commission for free or close to it!
Have a full complement of tools to work with and am slowly becoming proficient in many skills which is the most enjoyable part since few projects meet my increasingly higher expectations based on what I see other accomplishing. Usually have at least three completely different items in the works and enjoy the design side as much as the build process, so don't expect to fizzle out anytime soon.
Am impressed with the variety of directions folks are going here and the depth of knowledge that has accumulated. Looking forward to a productive stay!


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Welcome Brain to the forum, you will like it here. A Great group of people to hang with.

~~~ Casey

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