Tablesaw Accident

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I saw a TV show about a year ago about how they can "regrow" fingers. A gentleman cut the entire tip of his finger off in a model airplane accident. He put some powder on it made I think from pig intestines or cells, and the finger slowly regenerated (even the nail). I don't know if this is still in the research stage or not, but it would be great if that was an option. The progress pictures were nothing short of amazing! I think he was one of his sons was in charge of the research so when the accident happened he called him to get the powder. I will see if I can find anymore about this.


So far as we presently know, the region from the fingertip to the very first knuckle is the only portion of our bodies that still possesses the ability to regenerate. Once we learn how to extend that to the second knuckle we will then be well on our way to regenerating damaged body parts.


Greg Bender
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OUCH is the word that comes to mind. Hope your feeling better soon. After the fact that had to hurt.
Pig Intestines??? That does not sound Kosher!

Take care and give me a call,



Sorry to hear about your accident but glad that it appears minor...

My junior high shop teacher had 2 fingers and a thumb on one hand and 4 fingers on the other...

I always paid strict attention when he spoke safety...

You know the old adage; those who can't, teach...

Stories like yours remind me to respect the blades... and sharks for that matter... those ****ed bull sharks might be swimming in Lake Hickory for all I know...


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Add me to the list of those who wish you well and are glad you weren't hurt worse, Jim. My experience was caused more by stupidity and I lost half of my left index fingertip -- but it all grew back. Very tender for quite some time though.

Matt said earlier: "The biggest safety problem is complacency. One always has to be aware of the safety aspects and pay attention to what you are doing. This becomes a problem when doing repetitive and boring tasks." and I agree. These accidents can happen SO fast and it can be almost any of the tools we use. Another problem is when we use an old familiar tool in a brilliant new way. Inherent in that are some brilliant new ways to hurt yourself that never even occurs to you -- until...

Thanks for sharing and bringing these dangers back to our awareness. Rich

Trent Mason

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Trent Mason
I'm very sorry to hear about that, but I'm happy that it wasn't worse. Best of luck on a speedy recovery. :icon_thum
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