Strap Hex Bit Holder Wanted


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I've a couple of these and need a couple more. I searched the WWWorld over and only found this from LOWES but they are basically OUT OF STOCK and I do not need the bits, just the holders. It turns out that searching for "Hex Bit Holders" returns mostly those that you fit into the drill chuck so that you can 'quick change' bits without opening and closing the chuck. If anyone comes across a source for a pair of these, please let me know.
AAA-BitHolderStrap 0.jpg


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Good catch. They use the same Dbl Sided 3M tape used to hold the plastic chrome molding on our cars and trucks! Durable Sticky Stuff for sure!
BitGripper V2.jpg

I do prefer the strap approach Lowes Kobalt offers - two strap holders and twelve bits for < ten bucks before VA Discount! I've two of those straps and they have served me well. However, I've four driver/Drills spread over two distant locations and thought to 'pick up a new one or three' only to discover I don't know what to call them when searching the net!

Thanks for the link to an alternative!


I just use 3 M tape to stick a neo-magnet right above the battery on my tools. Holds several bits. My driver always has a Philips, 20 and 25 torx on it. Not my idea as the porter cable driver I had was equipped with them along the top.

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