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I purchased a Stanley Number 2 plane today. It has No 2 at the front of the knob with no raised circle. It has no patent numbers anywhere on the plane. The bleds just says stanley Made in USA (no Sweetheart Logo), The lever cap is hollow on the back. The lever has no patent numbers and is flat with a offset rounded top. The frog has narrow three ground sections for seating. It is very clean with a small rust spot on the side but otherwise everything in great shape.

Based on the different tracking flow charts and image systems, it is a little confusing but everything lines up with 1885 date. Do some of you handplane experts have any idea of the date based on my description?


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The No. 2 Stanley planes are more difficult to pigeonhole to a certain date range.

Most of the Stanley type studies are based on the No. 4 size, although the other sizes of Bailey style planes (3 & 5-8) are generally pretty close to the No.4 as far as features, patents and trademarks. The No.2 size did not really follow that same timeline of features.

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