Stanley #71 Router Plane (SOLD)


Frank C
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Stanley #71 Router Plane in excellent condition and complete with no missing parts.
My research on it indicates it was manufactured between 1939-1943 and is listed as a Type 11 or 12 (difficult to tell the difference and not of any real consequence).
There are 2 photos in the listing. However, if you need any others let me know.
In that I am dealing with some health issues, I will be closing down my shop and listing many other woodworking tools and machinery in the future.

I am asking $125 but am open to reasonable offers but please, no low balling. (SOLD)


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Wiley's Woodworks

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One time I went to look at a Sawstop at a good price because the seller said, "I think it has a 3 hp motor." When I got there it was a 1.75 hp saw. Wouldn't you agree there was quite a difference? Since you're not certain what you are selling, may I suggest you post more pictures and ask for help in identifying what you have posted for sale. I'm sure there is a fellow woodworker who can positively identify the plane. That might would benefit you and everyone who reads your post.
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Mountain City Bill

Mountain City Bill
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Frank, sorry to hear about you health issues and closing down your shop. Prayers for you in this difficult time.

I agree that it is a type 11, 12 and the differences are minimal.

How many cutters do you have and how wide are they?

Do you have a fence that goes with it?

What city?

Good luck,


Frank C
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Hi Bill,
Unfortunately the fence and other cutters aren't with it. I think it originally came with 3 cutters and the fence as a set. However, when I bought it, it didn't have the fence and additional cutters. I've seen the fences and cutters listed on e-bay but they are few and far between as well as expensive. If I might add, I think most of the work done with the router plane is done without the fence or need for additional cutters. It seems the additional cutters and fence would be desired by someone looking for a complete collectable set but that is only my opinion. Sellers with all the cutters and fence are asking telephone numbers

I'm in Pinehurst.

Believe me, selling this stuff isn't a good feeling and so many times I feel basically, "the hell with selling it. Just keep it until".
Anyway, thanks for even asking.
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