SOLD Rockwell/Delta 9" Table Saw with 4" Jointer - Great Condition!


I need to find a good home for this Rockwell/Delta Table Saw with a 4" Jointer. This is in great working condition. If anything, it could use new belts.

Also was in our Grandpa's shop and he used it gently and took great care of it.

Model number is 34-600, and serial number is DV3935. If anybody can help me date this it would be greatly appreciated.

I was thinking about taking the jointer and motor off and setting them up to use separately; and if nobody is interested in this saw I might still do that. But I think what I will do first is gauge the interest of anyone to buy the whole machine.

Included with the machine is:

Owners manual/parts list for saw, jointer (model 37-290), and splitter/blade guard (model 34-671)
Saw with miter gauge, fence, and a couple of throat plates
Dado set (model 34-333)

Guys, I don't know what to ask for this. What research I have done came up with saws that were badly in need of restoration where this one needs just cleaning, lubing, and belts. So I am just going to see what kind of response I get and best offer in the next week or two. If you want to make me an offer, feel free to PM me or post it here publicly.





New User
Hi, I’m not familiar with small tools like this so I would want to take a good look at it, but I am interested in it because it is a saw and jointer combo and I have limited space. Have you gotten any offers?


New User
I may have an opportunity to come over early this afternoon or tomorrow. If either of those options are possible please pm me, I’ve forgotten how to do that myself.

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
Senior User
The mid to late 1960s Delta machines are my favorite. Finding one in that condition is somewhat rare. After fifty years, any machine can succumb to abuse or neglect.

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