SOLD: Gently used Shaper Origin - $2000 OBO


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Hi folks- I've decided to part with my shaper origin. I've had it since last June and have used it about a dozen times. It works great but I've got a desktop CNC on order, and don't envision using this any longer.
The Shaper Origin is a hand-held CNC router. It's pretty easy to use, and some designs can be made right on the machine (simple shapes, basic text, etc.). I made the pictured sign in about 15 minutes (including setup, design, and cutting time)

Shaper Origin - 1.jpeg

The kit includes:
  • Shaper Origin ($2499 new)
  • Shaper Workstation ($450 new)
  • Shaper SYS-1 customizable systainer with foam that you can cut for parts storage (I never got around to that; $90 new)
  • A few rolls of shaper tape (one started)
  • 1/4" Upcut bit
  • 1/8" Upcut bit
  • 60° v-bit
  • router wrench
  • 1/8" collet
  • The big systainer for the Shaper Origin
  • Hex key for shaper
  • Hex key for Workstation
  • A couple of workstation hold-down clamps (I forgot to put them in the picture)
All told this bundle is over $3000, I'd like to get $2000 for it, but am open to offers.

I am in the Matthews/Stallings area, about a mile from the Bryce YMCA.

Thanks for looking,

Shaper Origin - 2.jpegShaper Origin - 3.jpegShaper Origin - 4.jpegShaper Origin - 5.jpeg


Hello Jamie.
I may be interested, but have no experience with CNCs and have a few questions. Since I am a new user on the site, I am not able to send a PM, would you mind sending me a PM?
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