SOLD - For Sale: Onefinity CNC Setup for sale - $1700


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Hi folks, Happy new year!

I am selling my Onefinity "Woodworker" CNC to make room for a bigger CNC. This machine is fantastic and great for getting started with CNC (if I had the room I'd keep it). New all of this stuff would be over $2500 (plus there's a 8-10 week lead time on the CNC). I am in the Matthews/Stallings area.

Included are the CNC itself and several accessories. The Onefinity CNC Woodworker has a cutting Area of 32 1/8"(X) x 32 1/8"(Y) x 5 1/4"(Z).

Everything on the top of the stand is included with the exception of the blue vacuum hose and reducer:
  • The CNC with the improved "Stiffy" third rail
  • Ball screws to drive all axes
  • "Suckit" dust boot (2-1/2" version)
    • A couple extra plates
    • Extra brush for the bottom
  • Onefinity 3-Axis Touch Probe
  • 10" touchscreen monitor (upgraded from the default 8") and mount
    • Note that I didn't really use the monitor but rather a computer
  • 80mm spindle mount (which I never put on)
  • Boom arm with clips for router power and 2-1/2" dust host (this works great, especially with Rockler's dust right hoses)
  • TwoMakita routers (one that I have been using and the spare that I bought)
    • Wrenches for the router
  • A bunch of the stickers that I never put on it :)
  • Cable chain for the X & Z wires
Here are a bunch of pictures showing the CNC and how I had it set up. I also took a video of it in action to show it works (I have to take it apart- assembly is EASY)

I have one box from the CNC rails- the other two were ripped during shipping and unsalvageable, so probably pickup only.

New this all is about $2500, listing for $1700. Thanks for looking!


onefinity-cnc - 1.jpegonefinity-cnc - 2.jpegonefinity-cnc - 10.jpegonefinity-cnc - 9.jpegonefinity-cnc - 8.jpegonefinity-cnc - 7.jpegonefinity-cnc - 6.jpegonefinity-cnc - 5.jpegonefinity-cnc - 4.jpegonefinity-cnc - 3.jpegonefinity-cnc - 12.jpeg
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