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I think it was a video on Matt Risinger's channel. They basically furred out a chamber below the roofs sheating with OSB or something similar for ventilation, sprayed the (closed cell?) foam to the desired R-value to the underside of the OSB and then installed the ceiling finish, capturing the foam as you propose with T&G. I would wonder if something cheaper than OSB could be used to create the chamber as it would not have structural value.


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Want insulation cheap and easy ? Use R-30 or R-38 paper or foil, then use the white fibered Pre-engineered plastic, it looks like Tyvek without writing but, it has embedded a netting sandwiched between the 2 plys of plastic. You probably would only need 1 roll. Staple to the bottom of the joist and then after I would add furring strips on the bottom of joists.
Nice light reflection, light to install and way easier than anything else.......... and low cost


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Still trying to figure out what to do with the ceiling. I am looking at spray foam and covering it with tongue and grove pieces on furring strips leaving a gap to breath with the joists exposed. Anybody got any ideas. Thanks....
whats wrong with rolled fiberglas?

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