Sharpening chainsaw


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I use a locking micrometer 0-1 inch or metric doesn't matter. I don't care about the measurement, I just want to set a locked gage to a pre-determined length. Find shortest tooth, sharpen it, set the mic and lock it, file all teeth to that length. This makes the chain cut in a straight line rather than cutting at an angle or in really bad cases cutting a curve. Most people tend to file harder in one direction than the other. So after three or four sharpening the teeth on one side of the chain get shorter than the other side. Gaging the teeth makes all teeth the same length. I only gage the teeth every 4th-5th time or when I feel it pulling off center.
that is a GREAT tip - I saw the point in the video of "finding the shortest tooth" but I didn't really see that they said file each tooth to that length... which I am guessing is the point?!?!

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