SawStop Questions


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It isn't 1/4 inch clearance between the blade and the cartridge, I think it's 0.080. It's definitely a lot tighter than 1/4 inch. I have had to adjust it but I agree the process is not hard, especially the second time you do it.
If you look on a SawStop break, it says that you need to be able to insert a "credit card" between the blade and break. When I mentioned this to the SawStop representative at the most recent Klingspor Extravaganza, he told me that I was wrong...when we looked at one of the breaks he had on his sales rack, he simply shook his head in both surprise and disbelief! He said that is much, much too close, it should be about 1/16.


I have been woodworking for 50 years and I wonder if the Sawstop provides a sense of security that might be counter productive to safety? I was trained well and never, yet, had a problem. I am more worried that as I get older I may not pay attention as much as I used to but so far so good. Eyesight is another problem.
Nope. Most dangerous tool bar none. Accidents can happen to anyone.

I bought a used 56” cabinet sawstop 110v and cut it down to fit in my shop. Absolutely love it. I use a track saw to cut sheet goods. Way easier. I dont see a need for 220 unless you are cutting really thick stuff all the time. No regrets with 110v. Mine has wood tables and think they are fine.

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