Sawstop Contractor w/52” T-Glide Pros/Cons


Thinking about purchasing a SawStop Contractor grade table saw to replace my Ridgid 4512. I have a need for a larger rip capacity and was thinking about this one. Anyone have any pros/cons or reviews of first hand use to persuade me rather way?


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We upgraded to this saw two years ago at the school where I teach. It is a great saw and it's good to know the safety feature is there. I don't know what else to say. It does what I expect, reliable, smooth adjustments, no quirks that get on my nerves. Just a good saw, with the safety plus.

The set up is straightforward, the instructions are clear, and the hardware is shrink wrapped to a printed card so you know what you have. A thoughtful job.

David Justice

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I have the contractor saw and it's as stable and heavy as most brands cabinet saws. I suggest getting the cast iron wings to replace the stamped metal ones, worth every penny. Good luck.

The only thing i don't like about it is the dust collection. Even with a 3HP DC connected, there is always a pile of saw dust underneath the machine.


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I think it will be a wonderful purchase! I have had a SawStop for 12 years and would do it again!


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Bruce the Rigid only has 30" of rip capacity.

No first hand experience, but I know SS machines are very high quality.

I don't think you can go wrong.


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I have the Contractor SawStop w-52" fence + cast-iron, also the Bench Dog Cast iron Router wing: adds weight+stability, saves room, and as a physician with all my fingers I'd never consider any other table saw… Heartily recommended!


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I agree with Bruce. I purchased the 52" and the extra space just becomes a storage area for scrap lumber and things I fail to put away. 36" would have been more than enough. In terms of the fence, I found a really good price on a Biesemeyer fence (new in box $10) and it fits the rails the same as the Sawstop fence. I am not sure they are that different. I attached a piece of plywood to the Biesemeyer for a tall fence set up and it works great.

I opted for the overhead dust collection and wish I had opted for the mobile base. This does not really add a lot to the dust collection. The under table dust collection is great

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