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I've recently replaced some windows myself, due to the previous ones being badly installed (no flashing and uncovered OSB on the exterior!) - my only bit of input from that: make sure you flash it right!


Been replacing my windows with Andersen. I had a local dealer come out and price Andersen, but went with Home Depot as they were about $1000 cheaper on the two large windows I was replacing at that time. Now my entry door with sidelights is next and we are waiting on the next Andersen sale to purchase.


I did window world four years ago and no issues with the windows at all. Their communication isn’t great, but they got them in quickly and were 1/3 cheaper than the next lowest quote. They ordered one in the wrong size but had the new one in quickly. Way better than the 90’s wood windows they removed. No doubt there are much better windows, but I dont see how windows would be worth 2x and 3x the cost.

I will never consider renewal by Anderson ever. They would not stop spamming me with emails, no matter how much you unsubscribe. I get the mailers about every month. I’m not paying for their advertising.

get lots and lots of quotes. I did 6-8. Window world was the cheapest by far. Home Depot was 2nd. Aluminum company of nc was 3x the cost of window world (no joke)


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Andersen Replacement finished installing our new casement windows in one day. 8 window sets total, some were a single window pane, some were a double, and the rest were 3 panes. The widow units are very nice and I'm satisfied with them. They were god awful expensive but we liked the fine construction details of how they are made and didn't think it was a line of BS.

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