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Just got an email from WWGOA offering a two DVD Sketchup Course. As I recall, you also have a Training Video(s) available. Can you provide a link where I can find your version of this. Thanks.


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Hey Dave the link to the advanced info will not open. H and by the way thanks for sharing and thanks Ken for starting the thread.


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With it showing a published date of 2012, how much in Sketchup has changed between the version you cover in the video and the current version out there? 7 years is a long time in software product development.

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That's a good question to ask. The tools for modeling and the processes for managing the model are still the same. There are cosmetic changes to toolbar buttons but they are still recognizable. The biggest differences come in areas like how extensions are installed and on Windows machines with SU2017 and later, the advent of the Default tray for the various utility panels. On the off chance that latter stuff is your only reason for purchasing the DVD, I would say save your money and ask me. I'll gladly tell you how to install extensions and work with the Tray. ;)
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