Purchasing pen supply

J Miles

Looking for new places to buy pen supplies. Has anyone ever bought supplies from(Woodpenpro.com) don’t want to by directly from China. I know most things come from China and I like to avoid it when possible. Thanks for any information that can be offered.


Woodpenpro.com is a great site, very quick shipping and good service. They also send replacement ink cartridges with the slimline kits as those cheap cartridges typically don't work that come with the pens. I like Packard Woodworks as well for order some items. I am not a particular fan of PennState Industries or Exotic Blanks.

Concerning ordering from China, ALL pen suppliers get their pen kits either from China or Taiwan. Those are the only 2 places these pen kits are manufactured so even if you buy the kit from an online American company it will still be a kit manufactured in one of those countries. I actually have an account with one of the Chinese manufacturers so I get pen kits and other small kits at a substantially reduced cost. So if you are interested in kits and have a specific type you want let me know and I will look into place an order but keep in mind shipping can be a bit pricey due to weight amounts. Shoot me a PM if interested.


The best place to get pen supplies is Exotic Blanks, ExoticBlanks
They carry pen kits from all the manufacturers (including what you see on Penn State), they have quantity discounts that count all kits purchased, not just those of the same kind. They carry wood, resin and laser cut blanks along with special made blanks (feather blanks for example). I've known Ed & Dawn (the owners) for years, they go out of their way to keep their customers happy.

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