Pressure treated deck finishes?


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A quick search online returns all kinds of “best deck finish ever” when researching legit options to protect a simple pressure treated pine deck. I want to add some color, impart some mold / mildew resistance to my 1-year old deck but I don’t really want to create a project that need to be redone every 2 years.

if anyone has suggestions on low maintenance, highly durable finish options for a pressure treated deck I would appreciate it.



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Don't have much to offer as to the deck boards. I have used Cabots, semi-translucent, and get about 3 years in the full sun (lasts good in the shade). As for the deck rails and ballisters, I have had best luck just painting them with 2 coats of exterior acrylic latex. It can add a color contrast and will outlast any stain. Just a thought.


I had two guys come in last year about this time of year and sand my deck, and then paint on Australian Timber Oil (I think from Cabot). It looked great for about two months and then mold took over. I am so discussed with it, I am considering ripping up the PTP and putting back the composite decking.


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On the west coast the deck finishers usually prepped the wood with 2/3 paint thinner & 1/3 linseed oil. Applied with a Hudson sprayer. Then next day, usually was totally dry then apply whatever finish they wanted. Almost never a waterbased coating.


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I have a new deck going in Monday, this is also info I'll be looking for. Luckily, deck will only get some morning sun and be shaded most the rest of the day.


I just applied armstrong clark stain on my deck. Last time I had it done my painters did it and they said it was the best stain they used. I used a 5" brush and did it by hand and agree. Very easy to apply and did it right in the sun when it was 90 degrees outside. Dried in under an hour. I ran short so had to order more but very happy with it. I used this site to read on different brands Deck Stain Reviews | Best Deck Stain Reviews Ratings Its hard to trust sites because of them being paid or affiliate links but I didnt get that reaction with this one. Im sure they make money in various ways but I used their recommendation and super happy with it.


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Sikkens deck products are available at Pittsburgh Paint stores.

You'll still have to refinish it every 2-3 years even with Sikkens.
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