Powergrip Jaws and Nova 2" Jaws for Trade/Sale.....Very Open to some Kind of Trade

Flute Maker

I have a set of Powergrip jaws that have been in my shop for a number of yrs.I might have used them one time on my Nova SN2 but I sort of doubt that. Also have an extra set of Nova 2' Jaws and an extra worm screw.

I am look to trade for a good bowl gouge....like a Thompson or Dway but am open to what you might have.....Or a Dway 1/2" handle. (I know I could make about any handle but I am trying to trade something I don't use for something I might use!)

Just message me what you have to trade! TIA Maybe a little bit of wood approx. 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" by approx. 30"..Need a short piece of 2 by 6 or 8..real open.to some trade.
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