Plethora of riches, what to spray with?

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I'm building a kitchen work table for my daughter. Maple with Mahogany (thanks Phil) end grain butcher block top and mahogany slats on the two shelves. Already finished the top with shellac and Waterlox (won at last years raffle) I plan on finishing the Maple and slats with shellac and Target Coatings Emtech 6000. My dilemma is a nice one to have but I'm not sure what to do. My wife gifted me with the lvlp sprayit kit SPRAYIT-SP-33500K-LVLP-Gravity-Spray and at this years raffle I won the Fuji semi pro2 hvlp. I've worked a fair amount with an old Campbell Hausfeld HVLP, the drawback being the heavy hose and "large" can maneuvering around the shelf supports and inside legs. I tried a gravity fed spray at one of Phil's workshops (if you want to try it he added it to the Cutting gauge workshop 8/25) and found it nice to use, hence the hint to Sue. Anyway, is either going to provide a better/easier finish? I'm leaning towards the Sprayit but asking for advice.
( pictures oriented right but frame is clamped upside down)


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Nice job. Love the top. Both spray systems work well. I prefer the spray-it because I have used it many times and very comfortable with it.


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Both workgreat John. I assume you got 2 guns with the Kit. The small gun will work well gettingin andaround shelves and table legs. I woulddo the shelves out of the table if possible though


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I have used a conversion gun - which is the camp I would put the spray-it in - and I have a 3 stage FUJI HVLP, but mine is the pressure feed cup, not the gravity fed gun. Their systems come either way. The conversion gun I still have and have used a lot is a Wagner and is also a pressure feed with a cup. So no gravity feed experience. Everything I read says gravity version pressure feed is just an ease of handling kind of thing, no difference in what they will do.

My Wagner would undoubtedly have worked better if I had more air. My biggest compressor was still too small for the Wagner. So I had to wait for it to catch up. When I got all the adjustments just right and I was patient enough, it would spray well.

The Fuji will spray until the cut goes dry - which happens quickly with the maximum size pattern. It is easier for me to get set up with. Issues tend to be simple things like I kinked the hose (which is not easy). Or adjust the feed and air to spray a smaller pattern to reduce wasted finish. Since I got the Fuji, I have not used the Wagner. The Fuji is just much easier to use, at least for me. But if you have plenty of air and are familiar with what settings to use on the other gun, it could be equal or better.

I have not sprayed EmTech 6000 or it's been a long time since I did. I bought a gallon of one of the Target coatings but I usually use Resisthane. Your Fuji will probably be slightly more limited in what viscosities it can spray than mine, and mine is more limited than a 4 stage. With the right needle set, the limitations are at least reduced. But with any water borne coating I have used, they are pretty thin and should spray fine with either system. But something thicker, the conversion gun might have an advantage.
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