Peters CleanUp: Like new Delta 17-968 Press, Mortiser and Other fun stuff (Added Prices)


I am switching to a slightly smaller shop, so time to foster lesser used items. All items are best offer accepted, all work very well as they were lightly used.

Barter deals accepted - as a woodworker, I value craftsmanship or tools (smaller only for the move), but will accept cash if that works best. My wife tends to prefer contemporary (think ikea, but using walnut/cherry/etc. But will consider all for a fit!) . Straight up art of any type is HIGHLY valued. Some of my favorite items - I took the interresting offcuts - hand planed, scrapped and finished;)

Pictures: Peters Stuff on Google . Pickup is west Cary.

  1. (SOLD) $400 Delta 17968 - Barely Used, with after market fence (bought at Woodcraft raleigh, have receipts, manuals, etc)
  2. (Sold) $100 Shop fox w1671 Mortiser - Good condition - chisels and fence included.
  3. (Sold) $100 Rigid oscillating belt/spindle sander - excellent, with MANY belts.
  4. (SOLD) $40 Jet Dust collector DC-650 1hp - very good, includes 1 micro felt bag
  5. (gone) Board Collections: There are definitely gems in these (picts on google above)


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  1. $100 Rigid oscillating belt/spindle sander - excellent, with MANY belts.
If you still have this item, I want it - but need to arrange a PONY EXPRESS or affordable delivery. Can you package it up? Or, If I can find a 'rider' put it all in a cardboard box? A six-hour round trip is hard to justify (

Maybe we can arrange it - give me 'till Monday to see if anyone might be heading East from Cary to maybe half way?


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I can get it as far as elkin. im picking my stuff tuesday. there will be room for this. little over 4 hrs tor me.


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I would be interested in the boards


seems Friday is a busy day. Both the sander and mortiser sold. because I need to get liberate all the boards, there are 3 lots. If you are willing to accept the lot in its entirety-and can pick up by next Tuesday - comment here and it is yours.

1. Sheet goods, including larger Baltic birch, some mahogany, etc. definitely jigworthy and then some.

2a. Hardwoods 3’ or less , mahagony , curly maple, …

2b. Mostly mahogany 2” (def long enough for legs) and 1”

sorry for not being clarifying sooner.

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