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Anyone have good/bad experience with DeWalt DW735 planner? And anyone put a helical cutter head on the DW735? I've seen good reports on here for years but am wondering if it's the same quality since DeWalt is now Stanley Black & Decker owned.
Grizzly has the DW735 with helical cutter head kit and mobile stand on sale and I'm seriously "thinking". FYI, Head kit comes separate and must be installed by purchaser.

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John, I have the 735 and it is a good planer but I have only used it sparingly over the last 5 years. What I do know is that I recently had a problem with it making a funny noise, I turned it off and it would not start. I checked to see if the switch or reset breaker we’re getting power and they were not. I had a broken wire in the power cord, I replaced the cord and tried to start , nothing. I checked again to see if power to the switch and reset, yes, now I check the motor, nothing! The wiring to the motor is sealed so I checked through the brushes on to the armature which is when I said I needed more help. Now the issue, Covid has dewalt service center in Charlotte only receiving material by shipping it in for repair. They were willing to pay for it both ways, but checking there guaranteed repair price it was $330 . Now buy new or repair? So I checked with the wood working site and it confirmed what I thought but new and get the warranty.
So good planet, bad luck for me, ( it happens), but motor repairs out of warranty make difficult decisions.
So if you have a good price , go for it.


I have the Dewalt DW735 planner. I used it for years with the straight knifes with great results. Then I purchased a Shelix head from Amazon. It worked well but something was missing. When I found out what was missing, I called Byrd Tool, manufactures of the head and discovered I had the undersized Shelix head. You don’t need to remove the cutters to install the head. Byrd had an exchange program which I opted to take advantage of and now the unit is great for my purpose as a hobbyist woodworker. You have to remove all the cutter heads (40 I think) to install the head but the results are better and worth the effort.
I would recommend that you verify with Grizzly that their head matches the diameter of the Dewalt factory cutter head. The description on the website didn’t say, unless I missed it.
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Make sure you get the OEM size head otherwise the entire unit is out of wack. I had a 735 and my only problem was the drive gears broke a few times.

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I have been pleased with my 735. Used it about 7 years. But like most benchtop planers it is not a heavy-duty machine. With sharp knives and slow feed it can produce a very good surface. Thin cuts and supporting the stock on the infeed and outfeed will give best results. If I were going to upgrade I would go with OEM diameter Byrd head.


About 7 years ago I bought a 735, and immediately installed a Shelix helical head that I purchased from Holbren. I followed detailed instructions that I found online. It was a day-long job, but I went very slowly and carefully. I was even able to sell the old head on ebay. I use it once in a while, and I always get really smooth results. I really like the 735.


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I have only shopping but I am interested in the fact that Rikon offers a lunchbox planner with a helical head for significantly less, I think, than a 735 + helical head conversion. I am not saying I know that the Rikon planner is as good or better or anything like that, only that the apparent price advantage would make me look harder if i was in the market.


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I have one and love it. No problems at all. I was able to get it nearly brand new from a friend for $300 two years ago.

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