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Well I joined back in 2011 but I don't think I ever did this step. I missed the instructions to fill this out, but hey who reads instructions anyway. I am now retired in Chocowinity and preparing to build a new shop as soon as the contractor gets around to it. I had a 600 sq ft shop in New Bern but I am retired and the shop is one of my main hobbies, that and fishing and playing with the grand kids. I have been fortunate in life and career and now I can build my version of the dream shop coming in at about 1000 Sqft.

Over the years I would stop in here from time to time and always got great info and help. In the last year I find myself here several times a week. Great site, great folks.



Don't know what section to which you refer.
Besides, if anything on a computer requires instructions, it is a poor UI design. Yea, some of this site is not well designed. For instance, no ability to report a spam PM I can find. Other features are handy like seeing who last responded to a thread. Saves checking thread you last posted to with no further updates. They took that off another forum and I miss it. Seems where you are from does not display until you have been a user for some time. Nice bold font which is a good choice for a forum with most likely, old guys.

I visit this and a couple other sites every morning when drinking my coffee. Then I get to work on my hobbies. Woodworking, house and yard, or my MG and Triumph. I usually get distracted and find topics or links that take me elsewhere to learn more. Any morning when my brain does not reach overload is a wasted morning. Anyone who knows everything is usually the dumbest chimp in the troop.

Could be this is a NC forum, but even the most heated disagreement here is worlds ahead of soe ther forums. One more conformation why I moved South. I look forward to when this stupid virus stuff gets better so I can actually meet some of the fine members here. Our infection rate is still climbing, but the test percentages are getting better.

OK, cup is empty. I have a throttle cable and master cylinder to install waiting FOREVER for USPS to deliver the CMT blade I need to finish a table.

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