Olivewood with Maple or Walnut?


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I'm such a novice that i hesitate to even ask this.
But the olivewood wasn't cheap and I'd like to avoid a mistake.

What's the advisability of joining olivewood with either walnut or hard maple?

Thinking of a cheese tray. Did a charcuterie tray from maple and walnut and that was okay.
Plan to edge joint, glue up and then use a planer to finish milling them.
Walnut has more contrast so I lean that way. All three types are well dried.
Are there pitfalls I should avoid?

Henry W

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Hey Chuck - don't be afraid to ask questions. That is what we do around here. Answers are free, and can of course range all over the place.
However Matt and I agree - go for it. There should not be any issue with your plan.
I have made many cutting boards using all kinds of species - including species that are supposedly hard to glue; I did not know that and just went ahead... ipe and maple cutting board made 20 years ago and used regularly without issue.
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Agreed 2nd that, I used Olivewood on an18th century keyboard, used on the keys and an instrument repairman had recommended the same thing, keys are still attached 35 years later

Olive wood is oily. that being said as with oily wood I would wipe the edge with acetone before gluing.

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