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Hi Y'all!

I was searching the web for some tool related info and came across a link to this forum - nice to find a place of sawdust sanity in these crazy times! I wish I knew you were here years ago 8^). I've been dabbling in wood work for 30+ years, mostly a lot small projects for Scouts - no telling how many awards, trophy's and neckerchief slides I've made. Since then I've been wanting to move into other projects such as furniture and try my hand at scrolling. I look forward to joining the community here.

- Dick

Jim M.

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Welcome Dick, feel free to ask questions, start discussions and share your projects

Michael Mathews

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Welcome Dick, since you mentioned scrolling...there is a scrolling club that meets at Klingspor...well, with the Covid-19 issue I doubt we'll meet in April...but anyway, when things get back to normal, the club meets at Klingspor in Cary on the first Sunday of every month from 2p to 4p. There's no cost to join, all you have to pay is attention :)


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Welcome! Check out the 'Sunny Scrollers". We meet at the Cary Klingspor store. On hiatus right now due to social distancing but there is always the scrollbar forum.


Bruce Swanson
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Always happy to welcome another scroller to our great big sawdust pile Dick! I'm sure you're acquainted with the SCROLL SAW WORKSHOP." Steve Good was a big part of Klingspors Extravaganzain Hickory last October. He assured me he will be there at the next one. Happy sawdusting, I'm glad you found us.


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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and I will certainly be checking out the scrollers forum. I hope to join the Sunny Scrollers at Klingspor when we can be socially not so distant.


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Welcome aboard Dick. Join the folks for lunch the 3rd Fr of the month and say hello.

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