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Good Morning,

I am a very new woodworker, but I decided to try to make a workbench so that I could continue to learn, as it seemed to be a logical place to start. I know that the end vise is abnormally placed, but I have a very small space and it was the only place to put it (Pictures are not where the bench will be located). Please ignore the temporary vise handles that I made of scrap that I had laying around, same goes for the vise jaws. The bench is made from Southern Yellow Pine and is constructed with draw pinned mortises & tenons at every joint. Dimensions are 66" x 24".

I do have a few questions that I would like to solicit input on.

1. What would you recommend for a finish; this workbench will be multi-use for everything from glue-ups to working on the chainsaw. Based upon my research, Danish Oil seems to be very popular, but I need the top to resist glue, oil, paint, my four year old, etc.

2. What spacing (from front and in between) is preferred for dog holes. Four inches apart is what my research has led me to believe, but this seems like a lot of holes.

Thanks for your input and advice.


Bill Clemmons

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Nice bench. Looks very sturdy and well made. As for vice locations, it really doesn't matter as long as they work for you. I think both of yours will be okay.

For a finish, I would probably go w/ an oil/varnish mix. The oil will soak in some and the varnish will provide the resistance you want.

For dog hole spacing, open your vice all the way and measure the travel distance. Now subtract 1". That is how I determined the spacing on my bench.

Roy G

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Looks like a winner. I guess you are going to use round dog holes so you could try a spacing like Bill suggests and then if it is not working, add some more dog holes.

Roy G


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I need the top to resist glue, oil, paint, my four year old, etc.
Nice bench!
As Bill said, an oil varnish mix is a good choice.
But for the dirty, greasy jobs I keep some 1/8" hardboard around to put on top of and protect the top.
As to dog holes; I'd start with just a few in key locations. Easy to add more if you need them in the future.


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After Finished paste wax will keep glue from sticking somewhat. Glue drops just pop off with a scraper.


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not sure if you are supposed to finish the top and bottom with the same regimen to maintain even moisture content.

nice looking workbench tho, I also used yellow pine for mine. very durable.


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Nice looking Bench I bet the purple heart stank when cutting and sanding -

I love the stuff but wow what a smell

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