New to the Sunny Scrollers group


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Hello, my name is Steve. I've been interested in woodworking for many years. Started by building a deck, shed and porch. Moved into furniture and stuff built out of spruce and pine (cheap materials). In 1982 I got involved in RC model airplanes. My last big woodworking project was a maple kitchen island. In 2012 I retired and became a mostly modeller. Sold my big tools (tablesaw, planer, jointer, lathe and panel sander) and now I do RC modeling and am into scroll sawing and bandsaw projects. I've got a lot of the finer points to learn and relearn. Hope to be a frequent visitor to the NC Woodworker.


Bruce Swanson
Corporate Member
You sure are welcome here Steve, and especially as a scroller, because I are one! The Sunny Scrollers are off to a good start, and you will make some new friends there to share your scrolling addiction. So welcome to the family, cut, take a picture, and then post a lot and frequently!

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