New to me Sliding Miter Saw Potential Hot Deal for Others.


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So I posted a giveaway RAS and need to close the loop on the replacement process.
I have search the previous threads re. Miter Saws on this site and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted/needed....just something to do pretty accurate 90 degree cuts while breaking down up to 12" rough lumber...went to Lowes in Chapel Hill today and checked out the selection..Dewalt, Kobalt, Hitachi (now Metabo)...found a DEMO Hitachi 12" CSMS marked down from $519 to $299...dusty, finger printed, missing the clamp to stabilize the arm, no dust bag, no manual. Pointed all that out to the it for $100...with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty...needed parts to arrive in the week for $16.

Hitachi is now Metabo and Lowes is clearing out some new old stock with Hitachi a huge discount! might be worth calling/driving around if you are in the market. Maybe can find similar deals on-line.

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