New in Charlotte - with a sawmill


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General contractor and Engineer. Found myself with a bunch of logs and a bunch of uses for green wood around my property so now I have a sawmill and a skid steer. I've finally been at it for long enough to have some wood air dry long enough to go into the kiln and got it back today. In the meantime I built a bunch of white oak fencing, a chicken coop from pine, garden beds with off cuts, working on a greenhouse with cedar, and about ready to try my hand at some burn treated siding (sho sugi ban?).

I've sold a few slabs of the latest dried wood to some friends, and now my wife has commissioned a few accent tables so I will be relying on this community for support as I stumble through the process of refining my rough carpentry skills into furniture making skills. My neighbor has a woodshop that he is kind enough to let me use for the tools I don't have, and I have a garage I will be slowly turning into a shop / dry wood storage area.

My goals are to learn any skills that are useful and keep my hands busy, provide a local source of lumber to others in the area, and find a community of craftsmen to trade, barter or work with for our mutual benefit.


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Welcome aboard, Brian. What area of Charlotte are you in? I live close to Derita.


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Welcome. I, too, have a sawmill (19 years now) and do pretty much the same as you. What brand is yours? Mine's a Cooks.

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