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Joe Scharle

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We took our monthly lunch/tour today and visited Maurice Howland's Shop Class facility. Along with Maurice and Joe Clay we got the whole 50 cent show. This will be a main attraction for folks around New Bern who want to learn woodworking; pics of the classroom didn't follow me home...sorry, but it's first class.
Also, it will attract woodworker who have misplaced their shops, and want to rent some time in this one. I think everyone in attendance was thoroughly impressed.





I do NOT like this photo processor. I spent 30 minutes editing these pix and here they are upside down and sideways!

And thanks to whomever that straightened them out!
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Richo B

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I didn't take photos of the classroom but you can see it on their Facebook page.

We did have a good turnout for the tour by Maurice Howland and his instructor Joe Clay as Joe mentioned above.


Maurice Howland, owner & operator, showing the planer machine.


The group talking with Instructor Joe Clay who comes from a number of years training woodworking and before that boat building in the Morehead City area.


Most impressive to me was the tool storage wall. Seen above is the board storage area. The shop is located in a 1919 building that was for petroleum storage and distribution located right along the railroad tracks north of downtown. This gives the classroom/finishing area and breakroom a separate area from the machine shop, and storage on top of those rooms for lots of different types of wood.


There is a separate location for sheet goods and smaller boards.


Maurice showed me the dust collection and air compressor systems which are most impressive in this old building. It also features electrical lines that store above the benches. In the back of the shop there is a handicapped ramp, an area for future metal fabrication and additional storage space.

As Joe says above, it was a great tour and we appreciate seeing a business like this open here in New Bern. Right across the street from Precision Molding so its convenient in so many ways.


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